Since the day Alan Turing found a machine to decrypt Nazi Enigma code, computer has been through many evolution. Big computer is replaced with mini CPU nowadays, better technology favor smaller size, from micro to nano processor.

Computer engineering has vast range of concentration but mainly it is divided into two main specialties:

  1. Computer software
  2. Computer hardware

People with interest in mathematics can be good in computer programming, with a taste of art they could develop a game changing application / software.

On the other side, people who like to tweak, has a good sense of electrical + physics + chemistry will love computer hardware pathways, creating computer equipment, rocket control panel, new processor. This is a harder path than software, it is hard to argue though many could say otherwise, making hardware that is working need basic computer programming skill. That’s double your learning time.

From these two main specialty, it could divide into a whole lot of areas such as server / networks, robotics, embedded systems, integrated circuits, etc.

Don’t worry Volt Daily won’t give college classes of arrays definition, class, inheritance, polymorphism tutorial. We will provide some tutorial to learn computer programming using C++, Java, Python, and many more, plus we would take on robotics using Arduino or tweaking a hardware by our own and show you the tutorial.

Hopefully this could help you build your own spaceship / program / future stuff of your dream.