Believe me that chemistry is easy. If you cook, then you are practicing chemist! The purpose of our web is to make you think in easier way. So, We begin with this introduction. Chemistry is often called the central science, because a basic knowledge of chemistry is essential for another subjects. Some of essentials part of matter that used chemistry as their basic of knowledge:

  1. Health and Medicine

Chemists in pharmaceutical industry are researching the potential drugs for many diseases that have no cure, for example: a new cancer treatment with no side effect.

  1. Energy and Environment

Chemists or researchers in technologically advanced countries are actively trying to find new energy sources. The promising energy for the future is solar energy that using a device called photovoltaic cell. Chemists predict that by 2050, it will supply over 50% of our power needs.

  1. Material and Technology

Chemical research and development have provided us with new material that improved the quality of our lives. A few examples are polymers (such as Nylon, rubber, Kevlar), liquid crystals (like in TV display), or maybe adhesives (used in our Post-it notes).

  1. Food and Agriculture

It has been demonstrated that though chemistry and biotechnology, it is possible to grow larger, faster, and better crops. So that, the world can feed their rapidly increased population

As a starter, we will begin our study of chemistry at the macroscopic level, where we can see, touch, and measure directly.